Understanding Amituofo Via The Amitabha Sutra (Walk-in Registration)

by Bro Shen Shi'an

Date:2 May 2017
Time:7.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Course Duration:2 hours
Course Dana:$50 (10 lessons)
No. of Students:150

Do You Know..

  • Who Amituofo (Amitabha Buddha) is?
  • Why Amituofo is so popular?
  • Why Amituofo is praised by all Buddhas?
  • Why Amituofo is especially important in our time?
  • Why Amituofo created a wondrous Pure Land?
  • How Amituofo guides one to the safest rebirth?
  • How to walk the swiftest path to Buddhahood?
  • How Amituofo​ guides to Buddhahood without fail?
  • What are the great advantages of Pure Land practice?

We often hear Buddhist greet each other with 'Amituofo', aspiring to be born in his Western Pure Land of Utimate Bliss, and that Pure Land practice has been a powerful and practical method for advancing towards liberation since ancient times. Why is this so?

Join us to learn more about precious Pure Land teachings, which Sakyamuni Buddha skillfully taught to be the last viable spiritual practice to survive our era of increasing distrations and defilements. These and more will be covered in this fascinating course!

First lesson includes crash course on basic Buddhism. Key English-Chinese materials will be used, with cross-references to other Buddhist traditions.