Meditation Course for Beginners

by Guided by Venerable Chun Nian

Date:19 September 2017 to 12 December 2017
Time:7.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Course Duration:2 hours
Course Dana:$50 (10 lessons)
No. of Students:150

Poh Ming Tse Temple is honoured to invite Venerable Chun Nian of Bao Guang Fo Tang Temple to guide us on Meditation. This course consists of 10 lessons and is suitable for beginners.

Venerable will spend the first 4 lessons to explain the fundmental of meditation thereafter will be more on the practical.



What will be the appropriate attire for meditation?

You are advised to wear T-shirt and long pants which give can keep you warm and comfort throughout the session.

Sitting Arrangement

Will there be chair available for those who can't sit for long hours on cushion?

Yes, there will be chair available.


I have learnt meditation from Venerable previously, can I still join in for beginners class?

Yes, you are most welcome to join us.

What if I have missed her first 2 lessons, can I still join in?

Yes, you can still join in. But if you have missed the 4th lessons, we afraid that you may not be able to join in.​

Online registration CLOSED. Please contact us at 6466 0785.