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盂兰盆超度法会 Ullambana Dharma Assembly

Date:25 August 2018
Time:9.00 am - 9.00 pm
Course Duration:8 Hours
Course Dana:N.A
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Origin of Ullambana

Contrary to popular Chinese belief that the 7th lunar month is a period when the gates of hell are thrown open, the Buddhist community observes Ullambana, which falls on the full-moon day of the 7th month, as a day of great joy focusing on two universal virtues:  filial love and parental gratitude. 

Ullambana originated from one of Buddha’s key disciple Maha Mogallana, who in his deep meditative state saw his late mother reborn as a hungry ghost due to her karmic afflictions.  The Buddha advised Maha Mogallana to make offerings to the Sangha members on the full moon day of the 7th lunar month when they came out from their 3-month rain retreat.  With this great merit and the power of the Triple Gems, his mother was liberated from her sufferings.

The Buddha exhorted all his disciples to continue to observe this noble practice for the liberation of suffering for their parents as well as the parents of their seven past lives. 

Today, Ullambana is widely observed by the Buddhist community with the recitation of Buddhist scriptures and making offerings to the Sangha community, in loving memory of departed ancestors and loved ones. At the same time, it is also important that we remember to show filial piety and gratitude to our parents and elders who are still living, for their kindness and sacrifice in bringing us up.



一般华人传统认为农历7月是鬼门开的月份,佛教则是在农历7月15日举行孝亲及报恩的法会— 盂兰盆会。




法会期间,道场设有超荐牌位,点灯,随喜供斋。善信可随喜参与。请拨电 64660785 询问详情。

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