GROUPS - Youth

About Youth

Poh Ming Tse Youth Committee was formed on June 2012 with the objectives to:

  1. Contributes to the growth of PMT.

  2. Support PMT in Dharma Propagation for Youths.

  3. Develop Youth fellowship.


Organisation Structure

The organisation structure of Poh Ming Tse Youth Committee is as follows:

Awaken Challenge

Awaken Challenge was initiated in 2010 by alumni of various Tertiary Institution Buddhist Societies (TIBS).


  1. Strengthen youth’s knowledge in Buddhism
  2. Foster deeper exchanges and
  3. Grow stronger bonds among Buddhist youths.

In 2011, invitations were extended to Temple Youth Groups so as to benefit more Buddhist youths.

In 2012, the Challenge is organized by PMT and volunteers. Its format is further enhanced by the Project Proposal Competition, in addition to the Dharma Quiz.

In 2013, the Challenge is organized by PMT Youth Committee. With the Dharma Quiz as the main challenge, the Project Proposal Competition is replaced by a Presentation Competition. Invitations are sent to selected temples & foundations to co-sponsor the cash prizes for the youth groups.

In 2014, the Challenge is organized by a new team of organizers who had benefited from this project as former participants. The Presentation competition is replaced with an inter-group bonding session.



Awaken Challenge Champion Plaque
in PMT Library