GROUPS - Volunteer

Areas to Volunteer in Poh Ming Tse Temple

Come volunteering in our Dharma Activities and share the merit on the following:

Admin Work

IT literate in Microsoft Office. Help to prepare simple administration works, or ushering during event. 


Help to usher devotees / followers during Dharma event: Vesak Day, Ullambana Dharma Assembly, Symposium, Seminar.

Photographers and Videographers

The photographer needs to have the ability to think strategically and creatively. Staff would assist in guiding the volunteer regarding what and who should be photographed. Capturing precious moments of the events: Major Dharma Assemblies, Vesak Day, Outing and etc.


Help to send Sangha Member to and from PMT.


Help out with washing of groceries, and cutleries at the temple during Dharma events.

Decorating of Offerings

Help to decorate Offerings item, must have good sense of creativity, preferably able to commit to the following event: Vesak Day and Ullambana Dharma Assembly. Helping to setup the altar before the event start. After the event, help packing up all the offering items,etc..

First Aid

Certified first aider with a good sense of resposibility to provide first aid assistance during major Dharma events: Outing, Vesak Day, Ullambana Dharma Assembly.

IT​ Profession

IT literate in network and server system. Help to set up / assist video conferencing and IT system during major events - Seminar, Symposium, Awaken Challenge.

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