SERVICES - Facilities

Hall of Gratitude

Hall of Gratitude is located at the basement of the main building. It houses ancestral tablets that remind the devotees of filial piety.

Kindly take note that

1. No burning of joss paper / candle sticks are allowed.

2. No alcohol offerings are allowed.

3. Only vegetarian offerings are allowed.

4. Offerings are only allowed to be place on the tables provided outside the Hall. 

We have sale of Lotus candles available at your convenient.

New placement of Ancestral tablet at $6,000.00 and a yearly maintenance of $200.00 . The tablet will have space for up to 3 names and space for up to 2 photographs. The annual mainenance fee of $200.00 shall cover Ullambana Prayers (Seventh Month Prayer).

For more information, please contact Wilson 9424 6674 or Kim Eng 9633 2177 (for Mandarin only华语说明) .

Operating Hours :

Daily: 7.00 am to 5.00 pm


BOOKING ENQUIRIES: If you're interested to use any of our facilities for your Dharma activities, you can make an online booking here.